Experimenting with Acrylic Painting

dune by arthur jerome siloy

We start out with at the beginning our art journey with cotton canvases. They are the default choice and is the most affordable. Then the more expensive linen canvases are meant for more serious works, intended for archival purposes. A standard canvas is bought with a frame or put in one. Canvasses come at various sizes, shapes, and prices. You can even make your own with some lumber, and a roll of canvas, and a canvas stretcher. Whether going for acrylic, oil, or watercolor, you can never go wrong with a canvas. They provide an excellent surface texture, (still made better with some gesso application for that added grit), and they can be displayed readily as is or with a frame.


But What If We Go the Other Way?

When using glossy photo paper for acrylic painting, a unique effect seen in my work I entitled “Dune”. The image is not sharp, but the brush strokes are evident. The lack of grit on the material allows the brush to slide, counter-intuitive to what is expected. The fluid slides across the surface, making the process more difficult. The use of glossy photo paper introduces an element of texture and complexity to the artwork, resulting in a distinctive visual experience.

It’s a Challenge to Work With

Painting on a glossy surface not meant for the task presents challenges for artists. But it can also lead to unexpected outcomes. The slippery nature of glossy paper is not enjoyable, but that depends on who is trying it. The resulting artwork can be surprisingly impressive. Starting to paint on this kind of surface is a challenge. But as layers increase, the easier it gets. The experience is unique and may present opportunities to explore new art styles that you wouldn’t get from painting on ideal surfaces or paint certain kinds of images that won’t have the same impact had they been painted on canvas.

Final Thoughts

Artists are expected to innovate and explore new ways to express ideas. By constantly trying to break new grounds, things never grow stale. Whether by music, visual arts, or in writing, creative people can make life richer.

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