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Father’s Day Colors

Father’s Day is a momentous occasion dedicated to the men who help shape our lives, and by extension the lives of societies around the world. For a Father’s day gift specifically crafted, leaning towards a particular color scheme is important to instill some harmony.

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Art Deco and Art Nouveau: A Quick Look into Patterned Art

Art Deco and Art Nouveau rose to popularity around the same time (Art Nouveau was at least three decades ahead). Sharing a common characteristic, the use of patterns to create decorations that are colorful and beautiful to look at. Because of the versatility of this art style, both styles dominated the art world through various industries, especially in architecture and fashion.

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Traditional and Digital Art

Despite AI art being abundant nowadays, nothing still beats the creation of art by hand, it’s therapeutic and the resulting work is something you can call your own, and nothing can take that away from you. If all these utilities used to generate AI art disappears, so does the ability to generate art.

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What is Scrap Book Web Design?

A scrapbook can be implemented either in a physical form or digital. But what is it? A scrap book design does not adhere to a standard appearance. It utilizes a more liberal approach to design. However, this does not mean the appearance of the site is going to be a mess.

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Best Tile Size for Small Bathrooms 

The best tile size for small bathrooms mainly depends on your preferences, budget, style of choice and whether you are tiling a section of the bathroom or the entire area. Shape of the bathroom’s floorplan and ceiling height can also be factors that will affect which tile size is best for a small bathroom.

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Eco-friendly Ways to Help the Environment, Starting at your home and backyard. 

Living sustainably also comes with some perks. In fact, a lot of large companies that go green have improved reputations as more and more consumers patronize eco-friendly products, create a unique brand, and become able to stand out from other competitors. These are just major benefits of tapping into sustainable and environmentally conscious business systems. The strong financial return is another significant factor that keeps more corporations developing products and strategies along the green earth movement.