Apricot Crush Color

Color of the year 2024 is Apricot Crush

A Refreshing and Nourishing Soft Orange hue that’s Inspired by Nature’s Juicy Fruit is the Color of the Year for 2024!

As technology continues to advance and online connectivity grows, 2024 is definitely another year of new shiny things to come, and keeping up with these inevitable evolution needs a grounding variable. Apricot Crush, the Color of the Year for next year, is just the perfect tone that draws us back to the basics. As early as September last year, WGSN together with Coloro- the revolutionary color system unveiled the Color of the Year for 2024.

What is Apricot Crush Color?

Apricot crush is a warm bleached color that is seen as a soft orange and inspired by a hue of the sub-tropical fruit apricot. The term “apricot crush” also refers to a strong cocktail primarily with brandy, white rum, orange juice, and lemon juice that has a tangy, tart flavor. With its bleached appearance, it can work well with neutrals and textures.

An image showing apricot crush color.

Coloro lists Apricot Crush with a color code of Coloro 024-65-27. Apricot crush has a luminous yet serene effect as it combines harmoniously the red, orange and pink tones.

Closest hex of Apricot crush is #e99460. The color code ##e99460 corresponds to a specific shade of color in the hexadecimal color system. In this case, the code represents a light to medium shade of orange with a reddish undertone. The individual components of the color code represent the intensity (RGB DECIMAL) of red (233), green (148), and blue (96) in the color. The RGB percentage is 91.4% red, 58% Green and 37.6% Blue.

Apricot Crush Color

  • Restorative
  • Refreshing
  • Energetic
  • Exciting
  • Calm
  • Optimistic
  • Revitalizing

Closest Pantone Color of Apricot Crush is Pantone 14-1050

Orange hues are known to evoke creativity, a reason why play areas and offices usually accentuate with the stimulating color. Like orange, apricot crush is perfect for rooms that need to “wake up” the mind, but with its earthy tone, it also brings a sense of familiarity or belongingness. The happy and contented color is a sign that color trends are moving back to the more pumped-up hues, leaving that post-pandemic shade which is primarily meditative tones.

Image showing apricot fruit which is the Inspiration for the Apricot crush color.

Coloro is a color system and methodology developed by a company of the same name. It is designed to simplify color communication and provide a standardized language for identifying and categorizing colors. Coloro aims to make color selection and coordination easier for various industries, including fashion, design, and manufacturing.

The Importance of Colors

Colors can mark the start and end of an era, much like artistic choices can. In web design, for instance, the ’90s to early 2000s loved its borders and shadows, but today it’s all about translucency and the use of rich, full colors.

Apricot crush color creates inspiring palettes and is already trending in fashion, such as apricot crush hair color, bridesmaid dresses, or shirts. In interior design, the orange hue can create indulging spaces with apricot crush colors providing a balance between earthy and exciting.

What are the alternative colors for Apricot Crush?

Outgoing Orange #e6955f

Aegean Sky #e48b59

Muskmelon #ec935e

Adventure Orange #eda367

Big Foot Feet #e88e5a

Lightsalmon2 #ee9572

Amiable Orange #df965b

Sandybrown #f4a460

Apricot Crush Mood Board

Apricot Crush Mood Board
Apricot Crush Mood Board

How to Use Apricot Crush and other Apricot Color Tones?

Like orange, apricot is an eye-catching color that plays well with many contemporary colors making it a great inclusion for interior design. The luminous yet with a subtle quality it can be a refreshing and versatile contrast to almost any room.

  1. Mood Evoking. A mid-century themed living room enjoys an interplay of lights and shadows creating a more intimate atmosphere.
Living room interior showing apricot colored walls.

Large living room showing different apricot colors.

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3. Not Your Boring Monochromatic. Apricot crush has that relaxing and assuring quality, it’s a positive hue that works well with social spaces.

Perfect for casual spaces, the apricot shades is the perfect for color layering achieving a visual stimulus that’s calming and breaming with positivity. Add textile surfaces to enrich the space that stimulates the sense of touch. Apricot colored throw pillows, a yellow orange couch and a statement light makes are easy finds.

A casual sitting area with layered apricot colors.

An apricot colored couch.

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